SUSTAINABILITY at Hotel Bellevue-Terminus

SUSTAINABILITY is on everyone`s lips, but what does it mean for us?

It means taking responsibility. Responsibility for the environment and future generations. This responsibility is borne by each individual as well as by the entire company.


Employee = Hotel BT Family


Each of the 40-50 employees is part of the team. Everyone is encouraged and challenged equally and yet individually. We work with each other and for each other. Training and further education are actively supported by the company. The division of work is planned optimally and in good time. The staff catering is varied and rich in vitamins, emphasis is placed on healthy nurition. Everyone should be doing as well as possible.

In our industry, we do not discriminate against guests or employees based on nationality, gender, religion, disability,... #diversityinhospitality




During the major renovations of the hotel in 2011 and 2017, a groundwater heat recovery pump was installed. It covers 80% of the energy requirement. In addition, all windows in the guest rooms have been replaced by triple-glazed windows.

The electricity used in Hotel BT is 100% generated by hydropower.

In unoccupied guest rooms, the room temperature is regulated downwards, the lights and TV switch off automatically. We also turn off the lights in the publich area during the night.

Hotel BT participates voluntarily in the program of the Energy Agency for the Economy and is committed to actively reducing CO2 emissions and optimizing energy efficiency.


Garbage, recycling and disposal


Basically, we try to generate as little waste as possible. Partly via digitalism, partly via deliveries in reusable packaging, partly through repairs. But if there is garbage, it is separated and recycled.


Use of ecological, biological, sensible products


Wherever we have the choice between disposable and reusable, between single and multiple, we discuss this choice. Of course, the products used must meet the needs of our guests, so an organic, regional and seasonal product is of no use if no guest consumes it. But if we can, we'll do it.

Use of cloth napkins, PURE WAX candles, refillable soap dispensers, no plastic straws, use of palm oil-free products, ...




Food that was produced for human consumption and that is lost or thrown away on the way from the field to the plate is called food waste. On average, every third food item is lost or wasted between the field and the plate. This creates food waste at all stages of food production. For example in agriculture, because the food is not suitable for sale due to the requirements of the standard. In the restaurant, when leftover plates or excess buffet are disposed of. We therefore try to make our portion sizes as optimal as possible and not over-stock buffets. If necessary, there is of course a lookup!


Support to organizations


We support "Water for Water", an independent non-profit organization that works in Mozambique, Zambia and Switzerland for sustainable and fair use of water as a resource.

We are a member of Cuisine sans frontières. Cuisine sans frontières invites you to the table to resolve conflicts and promote community: Cooking and eating together means quality of life. Talks are held, relationships are made and problems are solved. Cuisine sans frontières is based on this everyday experience.

We are part of OK:GO initiative, which is supported by the Barrier-Free Switzerland Asscociation. The aim is for all Swiss tourism companies to make information about the accessibility of their offers structured and publicly available. This makes travel planning easier for people with disabilities, senior citizens and families with small children.

We have already reached Level II in Swisstainable, the sustainability program of Swiss tourism. The sustainability program is open to all companies and organizations involved in Swiss tourism: companies that already have comprehensive sustainability certification and also companies that now want to embark on a more sustainable development.


“Loved it!”

Ended up in Engelberg on our Swiss road trip, checked out a few hotels and this one won! The room was very modern and clean. The bathtub was the highlight! Very relaxing. The staff were beyond friendly and helpful. Would stay here again in a heart beat!

“Great hotel”

This is a great hotel I stayed in the recently refurbish section. The room was large extremely well appointed very comfortable and had an amazing bathroom suite. The restaurant served a great breakfast and lunch, the service was excellent with friendly and helpful staff. The hotel has great views over the mountains and the village.
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